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From elite guest ranches to local bed and breakfasts- we know the right places to stay.

Play hard in the outdoors during the day, relax in comfortable surrounds at night. But where are the right places to stay? Montana and the Yellowstone area offer a wide variety of overnight accommodations from basic, inexpensive locally owned motels to elite guest ranches. The location and quality of this multitude of options also varies tremendously.

At New West, we are all about unique, locally owned overnight accommodations as this is truly the best way to Experience the real Montana. There are few places we have every traveled globally that offer such a welcoming atmosphere as seems to be consistently offered throughout the state and region. With this being said, some of the overnight options are better than others- and we try hard to visit them all so that our experience and recommendations can be passed on to you. 

There are of course numerous chain hotels available in most areas of the state, and most operate or exceed their chain's standards. The Holiday Inn in Bozeman is fantastic, but it could be a Holiday Inn anywhere in the world. New West is able to recommend and book the other options; like the small, historic Inn at the base of a ski mountain surrounded by a half-million acres of National Forest- for the same price or less as the Holiday Inn. We strive to provide our clients with clean, comfortable, and unique overnight accommodations- located in the right part of town to make the most of your stay. 

We do not limit ourselves (or our guests) to budgetary restraints. If you want to stay at the finest guest ranch in Montana- we have been there and know which rooms have the best view. If you are just looking for a bed to crash on, we know the best value and cleanest places around. 

NWE also works with numerous vacation rental management companies, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses all offering truly unique Montana experiences.

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Go with the right professionals.

Guided activities and guides are abundant in Montana and Yellowstone. Most are good, few are exceptional. Reduce your risk of getting a bum and wasting your money, and let New West Experience utilize our extensive network of trusted professionals. We understand that a guided trip isn't just about catching fish, going on a horseback ride, or rafting down a river. To us, is about the total Experience. Enjoying stunning natural surroundings enhanced by the services of a true professional. A professional who understands the ecology and history of the area. A professional who is intelligent and a pleasure to be around. A professional who will likely become a long-lasting friend and will create an unforgettable day.

Let New West take the burden and risk out of booking your guided adventures.

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Because your time is valuable. 

New West Experience understands your time in Montana should be spent enjoying Montana- and not doing the dirty work. Our Concierge Services are able to assist in a variety of different ways to ensure your vacation time is spent on the mountain or in the rivers versus at the store or doing dishes. We utilize our extensive network trusted service providers, and will always stand behind the quality of services provided by our professionals. If you are unhappy with provided services New West will resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Examples of concierge services:

+  Advance wine and liquor purchasing. We work with the premier store in Montana and are able to arrange your order to either be waiting in your rental car on arrival, at your accommodations, or for store pick-up.

+  Advance food purchasing. Show up to a full fridge, or have the groceries packed in your rental car.

+  On-site personal chef.

+  On-site massage.

+  House cleaning/ laundry services.

+  Errands and delivery.

+  Just about any task you can think of- we are here to help.

Fees for our services vary per task, please inquire for specific pricing.

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Get away from the crowds and into the REAL Montana

At New West Experience we understand the value of your time and your desire to maximize the quality of your experience visiting the Bozeman/ Yellowstone area. Therefore, we offer Itinerary Planning services. This essentially means that we will assist you in the planning of the entirety of your trip to ensure that you will not be wasting time going to the wrong places.

All of our itinerary planning services are designed for each party and their desires/ budget. Some people would like an hour-to-hour plan, others just want advice. We do not charge for our itinerary planning services if it is part of a rental car package through Phasmid Rentals. For guests not using our rental cars, we charge a flat fee of $250 per week of planning and booking.

Our Montana and Yellowstone itineraries get our guests off of the beaten path and into the special places that make Montana and Yellowstone so unique.

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Rental cars with superior service for Big Sky, Yellowstone, and Bozeman BZN

New West Experience is partnered with Phasmid Rentals, a superior off-airport rental car agency providing four wheel drive rental vehicles ideally suited for Montana adventures. New West is able to book Phasmid cars directly, and is able to incorporate discounted rates into all of our packages. Phasmid provides rental cars for Bozeman Gallatin Field airport, BZN.

Through New West and Phasmid we are able to offer two types of vehicles in two different classes. Chevrolet Suburbans (Big) and Subaru Outbacks (not-so-big). New ones, or slightly used ones. All of Phasmid's rental vehicles are impeccably maintained, immaculate, and contain Montana emergency kits (first aid kits, breakdown kits, tools, etc.)- all of the things that you likely carry in your own vehicle that no other rental company provides.

Prices vary depending on availability and time of year, but generally speaking Phasmid is less expensive than the Big Box companies at the airport- and always provides superior service.

+  Subaru Outback "Roadwarriors" (pre-loved ones) around $50/ day

+  2010-12 Subaru Outbacks around $75/ day

+  Older style Chevrolet Suburbans (2003-2007) around $85/ day

+  Newer Chevrolet Suburbans (2009-12) around $120/ day

Some of the benefits that we have found with Phasmid Rentals:

+  No nickle-and-dime treatment. They do not sell you anything you do not need, and treat customers like people and not numbers

+  Guests never have to wait in line. Phasmid picks up all guests at the baggage claim at BZN, and shuttles them back to office (1.5 miles away) in their rental car

+  Unlimited mileage, no-charge for additional drivers, and 24-hour roadside assistance always included

Visit the Phasmid Rentals website, or call New West to arrange a far superior rental car experience.

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At New West Experience we understand the difficulty of arranging small group trips. From getting the group to decide where to stay, when to travel, and the worst- collecting money from people, we are here to make it as painless as possible. New West is able to do everything from arranging your accommodations, planning your itineraries, arranging guided trips, providing rentals cars and gear, to collecting payments from everyone,  to even making sure the fridge is stocked upon your arrival. 

Let us deal with the hassle so that you can enjoy your time together as friends in the mountains, on the snow, or on the water; whatever your desires may be. Boy's trips, girl's trips, family trips- we have got you covered.


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